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The Amish....How They Survive - $19.95, 49 min.
"An Amish Barn Raising II" - Every aspect of a barn raising will be explained from the raising of the first wall, the lunch buffet, the interaction of the foreman with his crews, to putting the hay & straw in the barn upon completion.
"Reflections of Amish Life" Includes topics of interest such as quilting, child rearing, courtship, religious holidays, ordination and more. A "must see" for people of all ages who are fascinated by the Amish.
"Amish Children" shows you samples of what it must be like to be an Amish child growing up in the country or on a farm.  See Amish boys & girls playing at school and at home, helping with farming, singing to entertain guests, and much more.
"Amish Values & Virtues" features intimate footage of Amish life never before captured.  See how they instill the work ethic in their children. How a funeral eliminates stress instead of increasing it. Why are the Amish the happiest group in America?
An Amish Barn Raising II -  $19.95, 65 min.
Reflections of Amish LIfe
$19.95, 60 min.
Amish Children - $10.95, 35 min.
Amish Values & Virtues - $19.95, 60 min.
"Sixty years ago, the Amish were consigned to disappear, swallowed by modernity. Today they are thriving as never before, spiritually and sociologically.  This film brilliantly documents that process".  Dr. Al Keim, Eastern Mennonite University

A Project For the Whole Family
Ohio Amish Country  - Easy to Find, Hard to Forget!
Watching & Learning
3 Horse Power
Amish at Work - 35 Min.
Amish at Work is a rare opportunity .....see tree harvesting done with draft horses.  Stop by a saw mill and watch how they cut and grade the wood.  See blacksmithing, Old order arming, quilting and more.