November 1, 2007

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We finally got our first frost a couple days ago.  The leaves have been very slow to change and are now
dropping very fast.  I don't believe the colors are as bright as usual, maybe because the first frost was late in coming.  But, hey, it is still beautiful here with the rolling hills, bright blue October skies.

Here it is the first of November already. It'll be Thanksgiving before we know it, then Christmas. Where does the time go?  We recently went to Niagara Falls and were amazed at how many things were closed for the season already, including some restaurants.  MOST stores will be open on Nov. 6th, Veteran's Day. . Only a handful of the stores around here close for the season.  Stores will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  Remember, cows give milk every day, so the cheese factories and stores are nearly always open. 

I have had several calls lately from people with GPS systems wanting to plug in the information on Ohio Amish Country.  Some people don't seem to understand.....this is not a theme park!  It is not just 1 town.  It is an area made up of about 3-5 counties where the Amish/Mennonites, and English live side by side.  It is dotted with little towns and MANY home-based entrepreneurs with their road side signs. 

So when someone calls and wants an address for their GPS System, I give them 5798 County Road 77, Berlin, OH 44610.  That's the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center/Behalt, which is a really good place to start if you've never been here. You can find out about the Amish and Mennonites and why they live they way they do. There is also a 265 foot mural in the round called Behalt which is one of only a few in the US. Well worth seeing what took 14 years for the artist Heinz Gaugel to paint!  There's a pre-Civil War school house there  as well as a barn, gift shop, etc.  You can also pick up brochures and tour information there.   

Things have slowed down a little bit as far as activities, but keep checking the OAC Calendar for upcoming and on-going events.  Enjoy this issue!

Carol Sechriest

'Tis the Season

One way to get in the mood for Christmas is to go to 'Tis The Season, Ohio's largest all year Christmas shop located just east of Berlin.    It's an amazing place, if you have never been there.  Anything and everything Christmas.  On Nov. 8th-10th, they will be having their 11th annual Holiday Open House, opening at 9:00 in the morning. 

On the 10th, there will be a special from the G. DeBrekht Co. which specializes in hand-carved wooden Santas, costing anywhere from $125 to $400. Another special event is Nov. 17th, when Mario Hausdorfer will be making hand-blown glass ornaments and will actually painting them in the store. 

Speaking of Christmas.........

Selling things on my website helps keep this newsletter free.  So
please check out some of the items I have posted there.  The
Amish Highways and Byways Map  would make a great inexpensive
gift for someone you know who likes to visit Amish Country.  It is the
best one of the area and has all kinds of good information on the
back of B&Bs, Cabins, Inns & Campgrounds, plus their location
and contact info.  Invaluable!

The folded star  potholders made by Fannie Yoder are really nice. 
The colors are very limited but the price is right. Just $13.99 for a pair.

The veneer baskets shown are made by Mattie Hershberger, a
really nice Amish lady who makes baskets to supplement their
income.  How this mother of 6 has time to make them is amazing to
me!  You see she also milks her own cow, churns the butter and
makes all their bread, cooks on a wood burning stove and has to
pump and then heat the water for her washing and bathing, etc. 

I have 3 Amish Cookbooks for sale.  Country Blessings by Dora
Schlabach; Amish Friends  by Wanda Brunstetter, and the
Miller Family Cookbook.  They can all be found on the cookbook page.
I am not sure which is my favorite....they are all nice and make a
nice gift.

Next time I will tell you about the books and DVDs.  Thanks.

Steiner Cheese

Congratulations are in order for Stanley Mullet and the Steiner Cheese Company at 201 Mill St. in Baltic.  They were the winners of the People's Choice Award at the Ohio Swiss Festival both last year and this year.
Good stuff!!  I have also seen their cheese at several local stores.

Changes at the Holmes County Amish Flea Market

One of the most popular attractions in Holmes County will be making some changes next year.  I am sure a lot of you know that the HC Amish Flea Market has been the home of approximately 500 vendors, selling everything from cheese and candy to knick-knacks and T-shirts.   What started off years ago in an old chicken barn, grew and grew until you see what it is today.

Owner Ben Mast recently announced that starting next year (they close for the season the middle of December), they will begin the process of changing to a Convention Center.  They emphasized that the flea market WILL BE OPEN IN 2008, but by 2009 it will be turned into a much needed space for various meetings, etc.  Holmes County has been in dire need of a place like this and in fact, they already have shows booked for 2009.

HC Flea Market is open Thursdays-Saturdays until the middle of December and will reopen next  April, slightly smaller as they begin their renovations.  This will be a great addition to the area and should create an opportunity for someone else as those businesses re-locate the following year.

Weekly Farmer's Sales & Flea markets:

Are you checking the Ohio Amish Country Calendar?   This month's calendar is sponsored
by The Amish Door & Village on US 62 near Wilmot.   

You can check any month you like, by clicking on the arrows next to the name of the month or going to the box that says "Go To Date"  .When you find an interesting item, click on it to read the details.  (A window will pop up so you can print it out to bring with you or you can have a reminder message
sent to you.)  You can sort by Category, and select the view to  by the month, week, day or get a
listing of events. 

Recipe from Ohio Amish Country

Hearty Ham Loaf

1 c. crushed butter flavored crackers2/3 c. onions (chopped)
1/2 c. green pepper (chop)2 eggs (beat)
2 T. lemon juice1 tsp. dry mustard
1/2 tsp. ground ginger1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 tsp. pepper1/4 tsp. paprikadash nutmeg
1 1/2 c. ground cooked ham1 lb. bulk pork sausage

Mix all together and shape into 2 loaves.  Place in ungreased 9X5X3 loaf pans.
Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.  Meanwhile make glaze.
1/2 c. brown sugar1/4 c. vinegar
1/4 c. water1 tsp. dry mustard

(after 1 hour) remove meat from oven and baste with glaze.  Bake 30-40 minutes longer,
basting every 10 minutes until glaze is used up.

P. 284  in the Miller Family Cookbook

Get your  Amish Highways and Byways Map

It's a good idea to get one before you come here, especially if it is your first visit.  All of the B&Bs, hotels, cabins, inns and campgrounds are listed, complete with addresses and contact information.  Having all this information in your hands before you come, makes it easy to plan your trip.  They are $3.95 plus shipping (and tax if you live in Ohio).  You can get it on my website at using a credit card or online check through PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account to use it.  Just follow the directions. 

RECYCLE YOUR USED INKJET CARTRIDGES - we recycle them and send the
money to King World Missions in Zambia to help support King World School.   Thanks to the folks who have done this!  Send them to me at the address below.  PS.  These need to be
newly manufactured, NOT re-manufactured or already recycled.  HP, Lexmark, Cannon,  Apple, Compaq, and Xerox from home computers only.  NO EPSONS.  Thanks!

***I now have pre-paid envelopes to ship cartridges directly to the recyclers.  Will be including one in each shipment of books or maps.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYMORE ENVELOPES.
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