October 15, 2007

Hello again!

There has sure been a lot of activity here this past week with the big horse sale in Mt. Hope.  They sell about 1000 horses during this semi-annual sale.

Of course, Saturday was the big day in Charm, which they simply call Charm Days.  Always fun and the money goes into a fund to help needy people in and around Charm.  The wooly bear race held on Friday was just one of the highlights.  We went down on Saturday to take advantage of some of the specials in town.  The sun came out and it was a little cool, but it susre didn't keep the crowds away.

The  Millersburg Glass Auction was a huge success in downtown Millersburg during the Antique Festival. There were over 200 pieces sold, some one of a kind.  The most expensive piece was a blue-green giant rose bowl that sold for $24,000! Yes, thousand!  Here's a picture of it!
Absolutely gorgeous!  It was the talk of the town for several days.

The weather went from very hot last weekend, to very cool.  We went
from air-conditioning to heat, but it feels more like October.  The leaves
are changing and we will soon be raking them up in our front yard.
There are some fields with corn shocks in them now, too.

Someone ran their pickup truck up on the sidewalk this past week
and knocked down the canopy in front of the old Hotel Millersburg. 
I talked to the owner and he said it will be replaced.  Lucky no one
got hurt.

Keep checking the OAC Calendar for upcoming events.  Enjoy
this issue!

Carol Sechriest


Young's Uniforms & Scrubs

I guess there aren't too many stores where a person can find uniforms and scrubs, but there is one in Millersburg.  Young's used to be in the south end of town towards WalMart, but has
recently moved to W. Jackson St., downtown Millersburg.  At the end of the first block west of the courthouse, corner of Washington and Jackson.  FMI toll free 866-386-2026

Kid's Collection

You may recognize the name Kid's Collection as you might have seen it in the shopping area below the Amish Flea Market near Walnut Creek.  That location will continue to feature and expand their children's furniture and accessories.  They will be moving and expanding their  selection of games, puzzles, dolls, etc. to a new location beside Java Jo's  Coffee Bar in Berlin.

Walnut Creek Cheese

I hadn't been to Walnut Creek Cheese all summer and was surprised and amazed at their expansion.  Wow!  It is more than Cheese. They have expanded their grocery store into what used to be their distribution center.  There's  LOTS of bulk foods, fresh meats, huge frozen food section, their famous hand dipped ice cream, and of course, lots of cheese and much more.  It's not quite done, but will be soon.  I just like seeing how they have it decorated.  There's even an old red pick up truck up on a shelf, storage bins and sections from an old store, an antique combine (I think) , etc. etc.


I hardly ever get lost on the back roads of Holmes County,
but I came real close a few weeks ago when I was looking for the
Amishman that makes these cedar birdhouses.  And I was even
using my Amish Highways & Byways Map, too!

It's a wren house with a small round hole and a perch.  The roof is
hinged so you can clean it out after the birds go to Florida or
wherever wrens go!   They are very nice quality and I have them on
my website now for $14.99 plus shipping.

Other gifts ideas:  Books by Wanda Brunstetter, Potholders by Fannie, DVD's about the Amish, and
of course, Amish Friends Cookbook, Miller Family Cookbook, and the Country Blessings Cookbook.


This is a very popular 4 day event here running Oct. 31-Nov. 3.  Area quilt shops join together to make this a fabulous event filled with fabric, fun and prizes.  You will receive a FREE pattern, with the option of buying a fabric kit for the block at that shop.  There will be additional project kids displayed using the them fabrics along with demonstrations at various shops.  Theme this year is "Patches 'n Petals".  For more information or to request a brochure, send an email to:  quiltshophop@zoominternet.net 

Weekly Farmer's Sales & Flea markets:

Are you checking the Ohio Amish Country Calendar?

This month's calendar is sponsored
by The Amish Door & Village on US 62 near Wilmot.   

You can check any month you like, by clicking on the arrows next to the name of the month or going to the box that says "Go To Date"  .When you find an interesting item, click on it to read the details.  (A window will pop up so you can print it out to bring with you or you can have a reminder message
sent to you.)  You can sort by Category, and select the view to  by the month, week, day or get a
listing of events. 

Recipe from Ohio Amish Country

Did you know the "secret" to the Amish made mashed potatoes is the cream cheese they add?
I found this recipe for Creamy Mashed Potatoes in the Amish Friends Cookbook by Wanda Brunstetter

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

12 large potatoes, peeled and cooked
1 8 oz. package cream cheesse
1 c. sour cream
2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. garlilc salt
1/2 c. margarine

Preheat over to 350 degrees.  Mash potatoes.  Add cream cheese, sour cream, salt, garlic salt, and
margarein; blend well.  Spoon into baking dish (I would grease it first) and bake for 1 hour.  Mashed potatoes can be frozen until ready to use.                   Submitted by Martha Yoder, Crofton, KY

You can get the cookbook on my webpage at www.ohioamishcountry.com/cookbook.html  

Get your  Amish Highways and Byways Map

It's a good idea to get one before you come here, especially if it is your first visit.  All of the B&Bs, hotels, cabins, inns and campgrounds are listed, complete with addresses and contact information.  Having all this information in your hands before you come, makes it easy to plan your trip.  They are $3.95 plus shipping (and tax if you live in Ohio).  You can get it on my website at www.OhioAmishCountry.com/map.html using a credit card or online check through PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account to use it.  Just follow the directions. 

RECYCLE YOUR USED INKJET CARTRIDGES - we recycle them and send the
money to King World Missions in Zambia to help support King World School.   Thanks to the folks who have done this!  Send them to me at the address below.  PS.  These need to be
newly manufactured, NOT re-manufactured or already recycled.  HP, Lexmark, Cannon,  Apple, Compaq, and Xerox from home computers only.  NO EPSONS.  Thanks!

***I now have pre-paid envelopes to ship cartridges directly to the recyclers.  Will be including one in each shipment of books or maps.
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