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January 1, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We spent 4 days in Illinois with the rest of the family.  It was great seeing everyone, going to the Christmas services together, eating, opening gifts, etc.  We had wonderful weather for driving, too, so we were very fortunate.

Happy New Year!  I wanted to get this issue out a couple days early, but you know how it goes.
Nothing has gone quite right since I have had to change my email address, etc., which, by the way, is . I have changed it on all the webpages, but if you have me in your address book, you'll have to change it there.

Update: I had the privilege of meeting Wanda Brunstetter, the famous author of novels about the Amish.  She was in Berlin on the 15th.  What a nice lady!   And yes, we did get our picture taken together, as shown above.  I will be offering her books on my website very soon.  She is doing a series on the Amish of Holmes County and will be back here in a few months.

Don't forget the new calendar page I have added to the website.  Activities and events will be added as soon as I am notified of them.  Since this is new, it may take a while to catch on with the local organizations, etc.  But keep checking back.

Other changes:   I have added new photos on the Album page, plus I am now offering the Faceless Amish Dolls and the Amish Bag Lady!   I just wish I had had them before Christmas, but I didn't.  They would have made nice Christmas gifts.  Also have the embroidered towels that are really nice and are found on the same page.  I am sure you will be happy with the quality of these items.

Carol Sechriest

PS Sharon:
Your email was returned.
Huff eichglei means hope to see you.  silhen or silken is not a word, but might
be sehen, which means soon. Translates as  "hope to see you soon".

Amish Country Christmas (continued)

On Sunday, Dec. 3, several of us, all related,  took part in the Amish Country Christmas Holiday Tour, which was to raise funds for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of East Central Ohio.

Last issue I mentioned the Barn Inn and Garden Gate Get-Away.  This time I'd like to tell you about Oak Haven B&B and A Little Slice of Heaven, both in the Sugarcreek area. 

Oak Haven is located at 768 Ragersville Rd., only about a mile south of the Dutch Valley Complex, so it is a good locations for both shopping and eating.  Clay and Joyanne Ham have completely remodeled a 100 year old farmhouse into a delightful B&B.  And they did all the work themselves.  These folks are so nice and down to earth, I think you would enjoy staying with them.  Just look for the GIANT acorn out front.  PH 330-852-1705

A Little Slice of Heaven Cabin is not that far from the Dutch Valley complex either.  This new double log cabin is at 8828 Golf Course Rd., Sugarcreek, and looks out over the Willandale Golf Course.   Vance & Brenda Speas, the owners, have designed 2 with a golfing theme, the other, the Country Comfort suite, both with kitchenettes, Jacuzzis and all the comforts of home.  FMI 330-620-5551  Nice view from the decks at the back!

Old Christmas, January 6th

I mentioned this in the last issue, but I thought I should mention it again.  January 6th is Epiphany or Old Christmas.  I found a web page that explains it if you aren't familiar with the term Old Christmas.

In the Holmes County area, many of the Amish still celebrate Christmas on both Dec. 25th and January 6th.  It is usually a day of gathering in the home with family,  with the morning spent in reading of Luke 2, and quiet reflection.  Usually followed by lunch and visiting.  No gifts exchanged this day.

So just be aware, that if you are here that weekend, you may find signs on some of the Amish owned businesses that say, CLOSED JANUARY 6TH.  This is one of the many differences you will see between the Amish of Pennsylvania and those here in Holmes County.

Classic in the Country

I mention this not because I think you may be interested in high school basketball tournaments, but because of the number of people in the area that weekend.

This tournament at Hiland High School, just east of Berlin,  draws approximately 10,000 extra people to the area the weekend of January 13-15.  So if you are planning on coming to this part of OAC, there may be a premium on rooms in the Berlin-Sugarcreek area that weekend. 

Just call ahead and make sure you can get a place to stay that 3 day weekend.
Berlin PJ Party

It's almost time for the Berlin Pajama Party which this year,  is January 27th.  Get up early or come the night before,  'cause it runs from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. when the participating stores offer many sales and discounts. .  But you have to be wearing your PJs, bathrobes, slippers, etc. to qualify!!  At 9:00 the sale is over, they close their stores and reopen at their regular time, minus all the specials!

It's a fun time to be had by all, and is a very popular event in Berlin each year.

UPCOMING CALENDAR (Check Online Calendar)

Just a reminder....the Victorian House Museum in Millersburg is now closed and will re-open in April.

On Going Sales...........yes, even in the winter!

Weekly Farmer's sales and flea markets: Monday & Friday, Sugarcreek; Tuesday at Farmerstown; Weds. at Mt. Hope, Thurs. at Kidron (these are always fun)
2nd Saturday of month, horse sale, Mt. Hope Auction Barn

Get your NEW UPDATED Amish Highways and Byways Map

It's a good idea to get one before you come here, especially if it is your first visit.  All of the B&Bs, hotels, cabins, inns and campgrounds are listed, complete with addresses and contact information.  Having all this information in your hands before you come, makes it easy to plan your trip.  They are $3.95 plus shipping (and tax if you live in Ohio).  You can get it on my website at using a credit card or online check through PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account to use it.  Just follow the directions. 

Recipe from Ohio Amish Country
This week's recipe is from the Miller Family Cookbook.

Our daughter fixed this version of Waldorf Salad for our Christmas dinner.  It was
REALLY good and I was surprised to find out it came from the Miller Family Cookbook. P. 313

Yellow and red apples (do not peel)
red grapes
chunk pineapple
mandarin oranges
Drain fruits (reserving juices).  Cut the amount of fruits you need into bite sized
pieces.  Bring juice to a boil, then add:
1 c. sugar (to taste)
Then add:
lemon or peach Jello (a few tablespoons)
Thicken with Therm Flo (corn starch), not too thick. Chill.
Fold in 1/2 c. sour cream, 1 c. whipped topping
Fold into fruits.  Add just before serving:
nuts and miniature marshmallows

Really good!  

RECYCLE YOUR USED INKJET CARTRIDGES - we recycle them and send the
money to King World Missions in Zambia to help support King World School.   Thanks to the folks who have done this!  Send them to me at the address below.  PS.  These need to be
newly manufactured, NOT re-manufactured or already recycled.  HP, Lexmark, Cannon,  Apple, Compaq, and Xerox from home computers only.  Thanks!

***I now have pre-paid envelopes to ship cartridges directly to the recyclers.  Will be including one in each shipment of books or maps.
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Wanda Brunstetter (left) and I
at the Gospel Book Store.